Everything went as planned! Luna

Everything went as planned! Luna Moona is a wonderful member of our family. She came home within a month of selecting and paying for her. The cost was very affordable. Mynextmaltipoo followed through with all that they promised us. We might come back in the future for a second doggie.

Rachel C / California

My third puppy from puppy

My third puppy from MyNextMaltipoo extremely happy with the process and of course my pup’s. Absolutely would recommend them if your in search of a new furry companion.

Christopher E. / California

We had an amazing experience

We had an amazing experience with mynextmaltipoo! Our pup was delivered healthy and well cared for. The communication through the entire process was excellent and continues to be excellent since we had a few follow up questions. Highly recommend mynextmaltipoo

Michael D. / New Jersey

We love our new puppy

We love our new puppy that we got from MyNextMaltipoo. They made the entire experience easy. Thank you.

Jennifer R. / Oregon

Georgie is our new baby!

Our little Georgie got here at the exact time we were told she’d be here. No kinks or issues. She is the most adorable and affectionate baby ever!

David A. / Washington

The mynextmaltipoo provided Outstanding service

From beginning to end the my next maltipoo delivered outstanding customer service and on time arrival of my new puppy. I love my next maltipoo support team! They kept me up-to-date on Maddox’s progress, his pictures and bio. They also presented multiple help guides for welcoming a new puppy into your family. Fantastic job!! Well done my next maltipoo

Miracle A. / Washington

My puppies flight was delayed

My puppies flight was delayed a week. I didn’t think I was notified soon enough for that

Kellie C. / California

Service was great. Would like

Service was great. Would like a copy of photo taken at delivery.

Jillian K. / Massachusetts


Easy process, puppy came home right to our front door! He acclimated and made himself at home almost right away, and he is a happy pup! We love him so much, he’s so sweet, so cute, and a good boy! MyNextMaltipoo makes it easy to connect with breeders in order to bring home your new fur baby.

Dane V. / New Mexico

Thank you for everything!!

We had a great experience at MyNextMaltipoo thanks to Will. He was so great about being there during the whole process and we never had to wonder if things would go smoothly. Love our sweet boy!!

Pam M. / Idaho

Horrible Experience and Misleading Details

Truly a bait and switch. I purchased a dog knowing that he was both potty trained and crate trained. He was neither. He also was unbathed and sick when he arrived. I reached out several times via phone, email and text and have yet to get a response. Buyer beware! Once they receive your funds they will know longer be receptive.

Scott P. / Minnesota

Every went as planned, great

Every went as planned, great service. My puppy was happy and healthy.

Sara C. / New Hampshire

We have thoroughly enjoyed the

We have thoroughly enjoyed the experience with MyNextMaltipoo to welcome Pooh Bear into our family. He is a happy, healthy, rapidly growing boy and we look forward to a long life of loving him ahead. Thank you to all involved in the process. He is a furry little love.❤️

Jeremiah F. K. / Massachusetts


One Word. AWESOME. From the first phone call to the delivery, MyNextMaltipoo was nothing short of extraordinary.

Jeff S. / Georgia


Except for the initial contact a very good experience. During the initial interview your person spoke so quickly that I was unable to understand her except with great difficulty and repeated, i.e., “please repeat, speak more slowly.” Cookie , now Ginny, is doing well and growing rapidly.

Preston K. / Vermont

You can get a puppy

You can get a puppy for less money but the health of that puppy is hit or miss. MyNextMaltipoo guarantees the pups health. There deliver services is excellent I got my puppy early as they were running ahead of schedule. Great people to work with keep you up to date on your puppy progress the way.

Lynell C. / California

Our adorable mini-aussie

We are so happy that our new puppy arrived. I chose him based on his age, size of parents, markings and adorable face! I liked that all the information was on the web page. While waiting for him to be old enough to travel I was able to get picture and weight updates from the breeder. He arrived healthy and happy.

Susan A. / Connecticut


MyNextMaltipoo delivered the wonderful new member of our family. She is healthy, well socialized and of course adorable. We couldn’t be happier with our experience.

Cindy S. / Minnesota

The real deal!

I received the best customer service! Extremely helpful, answered all my questions before and after receiving my sweet pup! Amazing company!

Kenlynn A. / Pennsylvania

They have been very helpful

They have been very helpful throughout the entire process. Will be recommending them to friends and family.

Angelia N. / Texas

Puppy Travel Plans

I highly recommend you inquire about your puppy’s travel plans, ask for details. I paid 400$ for ground transportation for my dog because his breeder was only 3 hours away from my house. MyNextMaltipoo was planning on picking him up from the breeder on June 17, keeping him on a truck in transit and delivering him to me 4 days later on June 21. Needless to say 4 days of travel, even in the best of hands, for a 12 week old puppy did not sit well with me. Travel is stressful enough on puppies. After many hours speaking with several different puppy managers, all of which shared different pieces and versions of information with me, I requested to pick up the puppy myself to expedite the travel process. They were able to arrange a meet up with me and the breeder. My French bulldog made a 6 hour trip with me, safely in my car, instead of 4 days on a truck.

Faith D. / Ohio