Available Puppies

Our puppies are like babies–we make every effort to find the right and perfect family for each and every one of them. Those listed in “Available Puppies” are available for adoption by a loving family only. You may choose to place your puppy on hold, or you may buy your puppy online at any time. You may also call in and place an order over the phone during regular business hours.

Puppies on Hold

Our puppies go fast! We get an average of 2,200 first-time visitors to our website on a daily basis, so if there’s a puppy you know you want, then we recommend you act fast! You can place a puppy on hold for 7days with a $300 refundable deposit. If you change your mind within the 7days grace period, then simply apply your deposit to another puppy. Here are the terms and conditions:

  • There are absolutely  refunds on any deposit.
  • Your $300.00 deposit will put your puppy on hold for 7days.
  • Within the 7days you may transfer your deposit to a different puppy or you may apply it for a place on our waiting list (the request must be made in writing–you may email, mail, text, or fax us).
  • After 7days, the balance for the puppy must be paid in full to continue holding.
  • If no action is taken within 7days, your puppy will be removed from hold, it will become available to other shoppers, and you we will refund  your complete deposit. However, you will not lose your store-credit. Your $300 may be used for the balance to purchase another puppy, but it may not be used as a deposit. There is no expiration on the store-credit.
  • Once you pay your balance in full, you have 14 days to make pickup or delivery arrangements. There’s a $30 per day “puppysitting” fee after the first 14 days.

Upon payment of your initial deposit, the puppy will be marked(reserved) from the available listing page. You will receive an email confirmation or you may call in for a transaction process over the phone. We will email or fax you a copy of the receipt which you must sign and then return via email or fax. The puppy will officially be considered “On Hold” once we receive this receipt back in our office.

Puppies for Sale

MyNextMaltipoo is the world’s largest seller of the world’s smallest teacup,Tiny & Mini puppies! Our puppies are by far the most adorable and cutest little things you ever did see! It’s easy to fall in love. Way too easy. Because of this, adopting a puppy has never been easier! Our website offers a friendly and easy way to purchase the puppy of your dreams.  If you live locally, call to make an appointment and then come in person to choose your new teacup puppy. For those who live non-locally in the US, Canada, and Mexico, we can ship your puppy to your nearest airport. Become a new MyNextMaltipoo Family Member today!

Here’s how you select your newest teacup,Toy  puppy from the “Available Puppies” section of our website:

  • Find the puppy you like and learn more about this curious creature by clicking “Take Me Home” right next to the puppy’s listing.
  • If this is the puppy you wish to own, click “Buy this Puppy Now” and proceed to checkout.
  • If you live locally, then just arrange the pickup time. Please call in ahead.
  • If we have to ship the puppy to you, there is an additional $400 fee which takes care of air travel, vet-issued health certificate, and travelling crate. You must select this option during checkout.
  • If you choose not to pay online, please call our office to process your transaction over the phone. Every purchase method is safe and secure! You may also make direct Zelle, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or use the western union services. Our bottom-line is to make purchasing easy and convenient for you!
  • You’ll receive an email confirmation of your transaction thanking you for your online purchase. If you have your puppy shipped or if you pay over the phone you will receive an email with all the details of your purchase, including receipt of payment and “New Puppy Owner Observation Chart.” There will also be special instructions with some of these documents that require you to return back to our office.
  • When we receive the returned documentation, your puppy goes to the vet, gets the health certificate and then we book its flight to your nearest airport! We’ll email you again with all the flight information.
  • MyNextMaltipoo will call you a day before delivery to ensure you know how to raise your puppy and what to expect when you go to pick up your furry little friend. Local customers receive this information at time of pickup.
  • When your puppy arrives at the airport, you are required to be there on time with a valid ID, and then you take your new Multipoo puppy home. Enjoy!

All purchased puppies are taken down from the “Available Puppies” section and marked as “Adopted.” No one else will be able to purchase your puppy. For phone transactions, puppies are marked as “Adopted” only when all paperwork is returned back to our office with completed signatures.

MyNextMaltipoo reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, including the delay of pickup and/or delivery. Depending on the circumstance, you may also choose a new puppy or wait until the puppy is able to ship from our kennel.

Returns & Exchanges

No refunds, no exceptions. These exclude special circumstances addressed by our Health Warranty. Puppy Heaven has no control over the environment our puppies will be introduced to, so the puppies will no longer be allowed back in our nursery for the safety and health of the other puppies.