Maltipoo for Sale Melbourne


Maltipoo for Sale Melbourne. It is recommended to feed your maltipoo at least 2 meals per day. As they are a smaller breed, they may not do so well with just one large meal.

Maltipoo for Sale Melbourne

Loving and gentle, the Maltipoo gets along with kids. But because small Maltipoos could easily be injured, they’re only recommended for families with children older than six who know how to handle dogs.

Maltipoos are highly affectionate and would make a great choice for a novice pet parent. However, they’re highly sensitive and do not like being left alone for long periods of the day. As companion dogs, they crave the company of their humans and may develop separation anxiety when they don’t get the attention they need. But if you can provide a loving home that meets this mix’s needs, you’ll have an adoring family member who can dish out plenty of cuddle sessions.

What is the cheapest Maltipoo

A teacup Maltipoo, which is the smallest size available, can be priced around $2000. Brown and black Maltipoos can cost around $2500 or higher. Overall, the average price for a Maltipoo from a breeder would be around $2200.

What are the needs of a Maltipoo

Maltipoos tend to have high energy levels, but they only need a moderate amount of exercise. A short 15 minute walk or a game of fetch indoors will keep them happy and healthy. They are eager to play, so incorporating some fun into training will deliver the best results.

What foods can Maltipoos eat

A raw food diet aims to replicate what dogs evolved to eat in the wild. As such, meat, bone, offal and a small amount of plant ingredients are all important ingredients in the diet of a Maltipoo, each adding highly beneficial vitamins and minerals to meal times.

What makes a Maltipoo aggressive

Since Maltipoos are a cross between two breeds, they stand a chance of inheriting some of the less-desirable traits from both parents. In most cases, this means aggressive behavior. Other potential causes of aggression in these dogs are health problems and exposure to improper training methods.

How many puppies can a Maltipoo have

Most Maltipoos give birth to 4 to 6 puppies per litter. Litter size varies widely in dogs depending on factors such as their breed and their age. Although some breeds can have much larger litters, Maltipoos typically have between 4 and 6 puppies per litter.

Do Maltipoos get sick easily

But, like any other dog breed, the Maltipoo can be more prone to develop certain health problems. Every dog breed comes with this kind of risks.

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