How Much Does A Maltipoo Cost?


How Much Does A Maltipoo Cost? While there are a bunch of Poodle crossbreeds that make great family companions, the appeal of the Maltipoo remains unmatched. This is why many dog lovers are curious about how much a Maltipoo costs.

Due to their trainability and skills as therapy dogs, it’s no wonder why they are relatively more expensive than other Poodle mixes like the Yorkipoo or Labradoodles.

If you ended up in this guide because you’re trying to estimate how much a Maltipoo puppy costs, consider yourself lucky! 

This is actually a comprehensive guide on Maltipoo price and the ongoing expenses of owning one.

On another note, adult Maltipoos are sold at a relatively lower price than adult purebred dogs since they are no longer in their prime years. You’ll see them being marketed by reputable breeders for only $350 to $700.

Apart from the age and color of the Maltipoo puppies, their size also has a say in their price. 

Among all the Maltipoo sizes, teacups are noticeably the most expensive since their parent dogs are intentionally bred by a limited number of dog breeders. This does not mean, though, that they are healthier than the other sizes. 

In fact, they may be considered an anomaly since the Maltese and Poodle don’t really come in the teacup size. How Much Does A Maltipoo Cost?

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